Creativity in the logo design has been in highest demand. Owners need something unique and memorable that they can be proud of while throwing their business card on the table. Some of the crowdsource design platforms do truly deliver that exactly while making the process of logo development fun and exciting. There are lots of logos, which can be seen everywhere, but some of them are especially interesting, because they have hidden meaning into it.


  • Piano Forest

Logo of Piano Forest Company is interesting, because looking on it can be seen both trees and piano keys.

  • Schizonphrenic


This medical centre made such logo, which includes happy and sad smiles, what is really symbolically.


  • Toblerone

Not everyone put attention, but there is a bear, hidden into the logo, it symbolises Matheran Hills, where chocolate came from.


  • Amazon

Everyone knows the logo of Amazon, but not each knows that a smile between “a” and “z” symbolises pleasant workers of the company.

  • Newman

The main feature of this logo is that no matter how it will be turned, the name of company can be read.

  • Egg n Spoon


Not everyone puts attention at the centre of logo, but there are hidden spoon and a half of egg, that is the name of the company.