Fashion is such sphere, where everything has to be attractive, especially the logos, because they are the first thing, a customer looks at.


Famous brands pay lots money to logo designers, because they understand the importance of a created trademark. Nice logo is that, what plays a great role in the popularity of any brand and in branding process at all.


There is a variety of labels in the world of fashion, which impress everyone, who looks at them and here are some of them.


  • Hugo Boss AG

The brand was founded in 1924 by worldwide famous designer Hugo Ferdinand Boss and is one of the most popular today.

  • Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is a brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses, which was opened by American company Bausch & Lomb in 1937. Products of this label are one of the most popular among customers and are sold all over the world.


  • Chanel



Everyone knows this label, but not everyone knows that fact, that logo of it’s company was designed by it’s founder, Coco Chanel.


  • Levi’s

This American clothing company was founded in far 1853, but it needed more than 63 years to design the logo we are seeing now.


  • Nike


“Swoosh” is a logo of Nike since 1971 and still is one of the most recognisable trademarks in the world.