Right chosen color is an important part of designing process, because as it’s known, each color is oriented on direct audience and has some special meaning.


Exactly color is that feature, that catches the customer’s attention and makes the design interesting. Creators need to understand, that the main trend nowadays is simplicity, so colors have to be simple also.


In perfect pattern, designer must choose two or three main colors and if it’s necessary, a few additional, but not more, because it would be too much and general look of design would be over complicated. Content and idea can be lost because of wrong chosen colors and it’s must be taken into attention also.



So what does each color means and who is each of them for?


Creativity in the logo design has been in highest demand. Owners need something unique and memorable that they can be proud of while throwing their business card on the table. Some of the crowdsource design platforms do truly deliver that exactly while making the process of logo development fun and exciting. There are lots of logos, which can be seen everywhere, but some of them are especially interesting, because they have hidden meaning into it.


  • Piano Forest

Logo of Piano Forest Company is interesting, because looking on it can be seen both trees and piano keys.

  • Schizonphrenic


This medical centre made such logo, which includes happy and sad smiles, what is really symbolically.


  • Toblerone

Not everyone put attention, but there is a bear, hidden into the logo, it symbolises Matheran Hills, where chocolate came from.


  • Amazon

Everyone knows the logo of Amazon, but not each knows that a smile between “a” and “z” symbolises pleasant workers of the company.

  • Newman

The main feature of this logo is that no matter how it will be turned, the name of company can be read.

  • Egg n Spoon


Not everyone puts attention at the centre of logo, but there are hidden spoon and a half of egg, that is the name of the company.


It’s not a secret, that some popular brands made their logos perfect not the first time, but after recreation they became one of the best examples for others.


Exactly such situation happened with “7 up” company, which logotype a few years ago wasn’t such as we see it now. The first version looked like a “7” with wings, because the slogan of company was “7 up gives you wings”.


After the first logotype, it was redesigned twice and the popularity started growing up.


“7 up” changed not only the design of logo, but also a slogan, now it sounds like “Feels good to be you”. Professionalism of designers is seen in the new logotype, because everyone can recognise a red circle and a green number “7”, it means that rebranding was done successfully.



Fashion is such sphere, where everything has to be attractive, especially the logos, because they are the first thing, a customer looks at.


Famous brands pay lots money to logo designers, because they understand the importance of a created trademark. Nice logo is that, what plays a great role in the popularity of any brand and in branding process at all.


There is a variety of labels in the world of fashion, which impress everyone, who looks at them and here are some of them.


  • Hugo Boss AG

The brand was founded in 1924 by worldwide famous designer Hugo Ferdinand Boss and is one of the most popular today.

  • Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is a brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses, which was opened by American company Bausch & Lomb in 1937. Products of this label are one of the most popular among customers and are sold all over the world.


  • Chanel



Everyone knows this label, but not everyone knows that fact, that logo of it’s company was designed by it’s founder, Coco Chanel.


  • Levi’s

This American clothing company was founded in far 1853, but it needed more than 63 years to design the logo we are seeing now.


  • Nike


“Swoosh” is a logo of Nike since 1971 and still is one of the most recognisable trademarks in the world.